Ceàgo Vinegarden

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Ceago's Mission:

Our mission at Ceago Vinegarden is to produce small lots of wine-grapes, olives, lavender and vegetables using the best of sustainable farming practices while offering an agro-tourism experience to our guest through overnight accommodations and private events.

Ceago Vinegarden Means:

Ceago is derived from a Pomo Indian word (spoken "Shee-ye-ho") meaning, “grass-seed valley." Like the Native Americans who were here before us, we believe that people must interact with the land in an essential, nurturing fashion, assuring long-term quality and prosperity. 

“Vinegarden,” because we look at our property more as a garden with vines…than just a vineyard.

Ceago's Commitment: 

We believe that the first and foremost step in making great wine is growing top-quality grapes without cutting corners. Ceago concentrates on sound farming practices using Sustainable, Biodynamic and organic methods which balance the needs of the grape with the capability of the land to produce distinctive high quality fruit. The character of the grapes must be experienced to be understood and appreciated. We feel that our world class grapes are a living testament to our strict but ultimately important farming standards.  

Ceago Today: 

Ceago Vinegarden is classified as a premium wine grape grower, farm and private agro-tourism destination.

Our 163 acre property consists of 50 acres of wine grapes, 8 acres of olive orchards, 2 acres of lavender and a 1 acre vegetable and fruit garden. Our wine grapes, olive oil and lavender products are available for wholesale purchase. Our world class grapes are grown from top quality estate vines, Certified Sustainable through California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW-Certified).

The Ceago Estate offers overnight accommodations. We have three luxury lakeside casitas which can be booked by contacting our Director of Hospitality, Carleen Butler, at carleen@ceago.com. Or phone 707-272-2773.  

Ceago currently is available for a full property buy out for your private event or wedding. For more information please visit our website page. Please email Carleen Butler at carleen@ceago.com. Or phone 707-274-1462 ext 124

A Family Legacy

Ceago is a realization of a lifelong dream for Jim Fetzer, former President of Fetzer Vineyards. His dream to create a balanced and beautiful Biodynamic farm and winery estate on the shores of Clear Lake is an opportunity for one and all to experience nature's magnificense.

We cordially invite you to share this dream with us and live the great moments of life at Ceago.